Make Your Data 

When data in transit over public infrastructure cannot be recorded, it cannot be hacked now or later

CyberRidge transforms critical data in to optical noise that no computer power can process

The only way to absolutely protect critical data from any computer attack power
-including quantum computers - is to make the raw data disappear

No raw data = nothing to hack

Proven UNHACKABLE by Physics

Optically stealth

Hackers don’t even know there’s a  transmission – or anything to hack

No Metadata

Layer 1-2-3 packet headers fully encrypted protecting organization intelligence

Data Transmitted Over High-Capacity Public Infrastructure is Exposed


Protect all data centers interconnection (DCI) links


Citizen information will never fall into the wrong hands


Homeland security assets will never be harvested


Offer enterprise customers record-proof optical transmission


Sensitive financial information will never be harvested

Fully Compatible With Existing Standards

Your sensitive data in transit over public infrastructure with CyberRidge is record proof

  • Uplink – 100-400 Gb/s standard fiber interface (Tx/Rx)
  • Router/switch – 100-400 GbE
  • Management Interface – 1 GbE
  • Unique low power solution
  • No additional latency

The Photonic Encryption Paradigm Shift

Changing the cybersecurity game rules with physics by removing data from the game

Transmission Over Optical Fibers

Cloud Servers Illustration
Cloud Servers Illustration

Photonic Deconstruction

transforms data into undecipherable optical noise

Photonic Reconstruction

transforms optical noise back into original digital data

Hacker sitting with a laptop Illustration

Data Gone

Cloud Servers Illustration

Photonic Deconstruction

Hacker sitting with a laptop Illustration

Data Gone

Photonic Reconstruction

Cloud Servers Illustration

Without the photonic key at the instant the light appears 
at the receiver, data in transit remains undecipherable optical noise, with no raw data to record, ever

Be Harvest-Proof in Weeks

Cyberridge Logo

Show customers that their critical data is unhackable with any computer power, as they scale business and operation over public infrastructure with confidence.

Pioneering an Unhackable Future

Photonic Encryption fundamentals

Photonic Encryption fundamentals

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